Vince Gill Debuts New Song ‘March On, March On’

Vince Gill debuted a new song, “March On, March On”, during his appearance on the “CBS This Morning” show on Wednesday (February 17).

Before performing the song with an acoustic guitar, Gill spoke about the prevalence of racism in the country music industry. He also acknowledges through the song, which is about the fight against racism in the country, how he is carrying shame for the way his ancestors treated Black men and women.

“Get on board children / We’re runnin’ outta time / The world needs changin’ / Both yours and mine / Need to cause good trouble / Peaceful like John / The day we’re all equal / The struggle will be gone,” Gill sings.

“Preach on brothers / Sisters stay strong / Hearts are changing / March on, march on / 400 years of history / Couldn’t be more wrong / A reckoning is coming / March on, march on,” he goes on.

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