Uh, Prince William and Kate Middleton Are Being Watched Carefully by The Queen

Apparently, the Queen is keeping a close eye on Prince William and Kate Middleton to make sure they’re on their best behavior and don’t do anything that could tarnish the reputation of the monarchy. At least according to royal author Tom Quinn.

Speaking on a Channel 5 special about the royal couple which aired in England, Quinn said (via The Daily Mail) that senior royals are anxious William and Kate won’t “repeat mistakes made by other young royal” in the past. Unclear whomst they’re referring to, but as anyone who’s watched The Crown knows, the younger generation of royals always have a bit of a rebellious streak.

William and Kate have an increased spotlight on them thanks to Wills being a direct heir to the throne (he’ll become King after Prince Charles), but they majorly stepped up during the coronavirus crisis, sooooo not sure the Queen has much to be worried about!

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