The Winder Family: Did They Really Quit Seeking Sister Wife?

When it comes to one family on Seeking Sister Wife, there are really no questions to ask:

The Snowdens should be in jail.

If the accusations against this couple are true, Dimtri and Ashley should be arrested for assault.

But what about The Winder Family?

This polygamist group — which is comprised of legal spouses Colton and Tami, along with partner Sophie — joined Seeking Sister Wife on Season 2.

They were featured prominently on Season 3, which depicted Colton, Tami and Sophie’s journey to recruit a woman named Kimberely into their unique household.

And while many critics have questioned the decency of plural marriage as an institution, for understandably misogynistic reasons, the Winders have certainly come across as the most stable of all Seeking Sister Wife families.

They practice polygamy for religious reasons and each member seems legitimately happy.

Which helps explain why so many Instagram followers were taken aback on Tuesday upon reading the following.

“Reality television has been an interesting experience for our family. We didn’t appear on your TVs for fame or money. The show is called “Seeking Sister Wife,” and our seeking is incidental to our religious beliefs,” the Winders wrote as a caption to a family photo.

“We weren’t on the show to find another wife.

“Being open to that blessing would have happened with or without the show.”

It sure sounds like Colton and company are walking away, doesn’t it?

They continued:

“The reasons we agreed to appear on television were twofold. First, we wanted to give the world a genuine portrayal of plural marriage in our faith, with all of its beauty and struggle.

“Second, we wanted to legitimize our voices in fighting to change the laws in Utah so that families like ours wouldn’t have to live in fear and secrecy anymore.”

Fair enough, right?

“We don’t know for sure that we were successful in either of those, but after we had started filming our second season, the law in Utah changed, and we portrayed our joys and struggles on the show and our social media as genuinely as we can,” they added.

“This lifestyle can be hard, and we never wanted to paint it any other way.”

The Winders then explained what transpired with their attempt to expand:

“In the end, Kimberley didn’t join our family. The decision was mutual, and we have an incredible amount of respect for Kimberley.

“She is a beautiful and kind woman, and we appreciate a continued friendship with her.”

Again, unlike the women who have been involved with the Snowdens, Kimberley has not come out and trashed any of the Winders, who concluded their post with…

This season of Seeking Sister Wife is closed for us with last night’s episode. We don’t know what the future holds, but we’re excited to see what will come next for us.

We’ll continue to share occasional posts and updates on our social media, and may in the future decide to venture into other projects as well.

We will always raise our voices in defense of our rights to live the way we choose, and we’ll always do the same for any consenting adults, regardless of how the relationship looks.

Thank you to all of our loyal fans, and to those that didn’t like us as well. We appreciate you joining us in this wild ride.

Wait, so are the Winders out of there?

Amid rumors of this post coming across like a farewell, they updated it to include the following passage:

We aren’t going anywhere, we were just saying last night was our last episode of this season.

We apologize for the misunderstanding!

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