The Bachelorette: Should ABC Cancel Clare Crawley’s Season?

Like countless other shows, both reality-based and scripted, The Bachelorette has halted filming as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It's a real shame, because had all gone according to plan, we could have been looking at a season premiere very soon.

Clare Crawley is a refreshing choice for leading lady, in part because of her age and maturity.

But now, a growing number of people are suggesting that the season should be canceled altogether.

Are they ageist opportunists using the pandemic as an excuse, or do they kind of have a point?

1.2020 was supposed to be Clare's year

2.Clare's claim to fame is telling off Juan Pablo

3.That wasn't the end of her story

4.Then there was 2018

5.Her announcement was thrilling

6.It's not just about her age, but …

7.There was just one hitch

8.The fandom was divided

9.However …

10.Is that it for Clare's season?

11.In fact, that's the plan

12.But is that the best?

13.It would be weird, to say the least

14.So many things have been canceled this year

15.There is another consideration

16.Doesn't she deserve a real season?

17.For now, they're moving forward

18.That said …

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