Tana Mongeau Releases New Song ‘Without You’ – Listen & Read the Lyrics

Tana Mongeau is making musical moves.

The 21-year-old YouTuber released her new single, “Without You,” on Thursday (April 23).

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“this song is my baby. it’s come so far… it’s NOTHING like anything i’ve ever put out.. from performing it live & raw to a sold out Gramercy theatre in New York, to showing my best friend the FINAL master last week. i’m just happy to finally release this emotion into the world. ? I CAN’T GET HIGH WITHOUT YOU !!!!!!!!!!!” she wrote on Instagram.

And I know that I shouldn’t care / But I can’t breathe without you / And if the truth isn’t fair / Then I wanna lie here with you / I wanna cry without you / I can’t get high without you,” she sings on the track.

Listen and read the lyrics…

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