Summer Walker Rips Ex London On Da Track for Allegedly Sabotaging and Controlling Her

In response to the music producer’s message about people who forget those who’ve helped them, the ‘Girls Need Love’ singer tells ladies to ‘run from this type of man,’ who ‘believes you are NOTHING without them.’

AceShowbizSummer Walker‘s volatile relationship with London On Da Track is apparently currently hitting a sour note. The singer, who had been dating on and off since 2019 before calling it quits earlier this year, has savagely ripped her ex-boyfriend on Instagram.

The mother of one was not having it after London shared a message about people who forget those who’ve helped them. In his tweet, the music producer wrote, “Dont feel bad about helping someone & then they casually forget when they are in a better situation ….. A river that forgets it’s source will soon dry out.”

While it’s unclear whom London’s tweet was directed at, Summer seemingly saw it as a red flag which she has witnessed it herself. Reposting his tweet on her Story, she warned women against men like him as writing underneath, “Ladies run from this type of man. A man that believes you are NOTHING without them from the start till the end will never want you to be anything without them.”

The 25-year-old insinuated that London has sabotaged and controlled her life, adding, “They will sabotage anything you do solo and envy you once you begin to stand on your own 2 feet. That’s not real love, thats control.” She summed them up as “big narcissist vibes.”

Summer wasn’t done airing out her feelings about her ex and posted a cryptic message which read, “& why would you want the mother of your child to soon ‘dry out’ so that I can’t provide for her.” She added in another Story, “[laughing face emoji] lmaooo n***as is weird. If you ain’t the captain of the ship it’s just sink the whole ship lmao. Okay I’m done.”

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