Summer Walker Flashes Her Breasts to Celebrate Reaching Her Weight Goal

Revealing that she was stressed out over her weight issue before getting her dream body, the ‘Playing Games’ songstress shows off her curves while dancing in some videos.

AceShowbizSummer Walker is ready to show off her bikini body this summer. The singer has reached her new weight goal, thanks to the quarantine, and she is proudly displaying her banging body in her new Instagram posts.

Taking to the social media platform on Monday, May 25, she shared several videos to celebrate her hitting 117 pounds. In one of the videos, she lifted up her gray T-shirt to flash her breasts, which were only covered with some nipple pasties. She also went pantless and only wore pink panties while a black corset was being wrapped around her tiny waist.

Summer Walker showed off her body after reaching her weight goal.

In another clip, the Atlanta-born singer revealed that it took her a long way to get the perfect shape that she desired and it wasn’t an easy journey. “Do you understand how long this s**t took? I was stressed the f**k out on tour,” she confessed, before proudly showing off her perky derriere.

Summer has been going candid about obtaining her dream body. She recently reposted a video of a woman who casually admitted that she went under the knife to get her perfect curves. “lmao ‘surgery’ , now shut up b***h with all them questions & lee me alone,” she wrote in the caption, apparently finding it close to her.

When a follower mocked her, “Why is surgery in quotes when u did have surgery lmao,” she didn’t try to hide the fact that she herself has got plastic surgery. “y’all dumb and deaf, surgery was in quotes because I was QUOTING what the girl said in the video. They asked her 3 times how is her body like that, she said surgery & kept dancing completely unbothered,” she replied to the said user, explaining, “I felt that. People stay asking me what I did, when I’ve already said surgery, YET plp keep asking me. Lol it’s annoying.”

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