Snooki: OMG I Caught Freakin’ COVID, Youse Guys!

After a solid decade of dodging diseases on the Jersey Shore, it seems that Snooki has finally fallen victim to a virus.

And she didn’t even get to enjoy an ill-advised smush session with a stranger first!

Yes, Nicole Polizzi revealed over the weekend that she’s become the latest celebrity to contract Covid-19.

As a result, Snooks’ VD (Valentine’s Day, of course) was a completely smush-free occasion, as she was forced to quarantine in her bedroom.

She shared the news with fans via a holiday-themed Instagram post.

“Happy Valentine’s Day! This ones a bit different…. I have Covid,” the Jersey Shore alum captioned the photo above.

“I’ve been isolated in my room since I found out. My family & I have been super cautious & careful, so this is super scary.”

We joke with Snooki because we love her, but in all seriousness, anyone who’s had a brush with the ‘rona knoiws that it’s no laughing matter.

Fortunately, it seems that the mother of three has remained calm, and she and her family are handling the crisis in the proper fashion.

“My symptoms started out as just a bad sinus cold. Headache, stuffy nose & mild cough. Then I felt super tired and ended up napping all day which made me go get tested,” Polizzi continued.

“Today i just feel groggy. I ended up losing my taste and smell last night. It’s fricken weird. I had a greasy cheese pizza & couldn’t taste a damn thing. WHAT A SIN.”

While those who waste good pizza are usually condemned to guido hell, we’re pretty sure the guido gods will make an exception in Snooki’s case.

“The rest of my family tested negative, so i am here hiding out in my bedroom until this is over,” she noted

“Slide over to the next pic. I woke up to roses and chocolates thrown on my floor from my family. Still showing my quarantine ass Love on Valentine’s Day!”

“Appreciate all of your concerns, but I am ok! Please stay safe everyone!”

“I’m fine; I’m OK,” Snooks said in a video posted to her Instagram Story.

“My ears hurt, my head felt heavy, I was coughing. It was, like, a scratchy cough. My nose was stuffy. So we got the Mucinex, we got VapoRub, which I can’t smell anymore, cough drops and all that stuff,” she added.

“My kids and my husband are negative. I am positive — in my room — and today just feel tired. I feel like I ran a marathon, but I’m OK,” Snooki continued.

“I think the worst part is not being able to taste right now. … That’s the annoying part. But yeah, we are quarantining. We’re following the rules,” she concluded.

“I’m staying away from my family, and we’re all gonna self-quarantine until this is over.”

Snooki quit Jersey Shore in 2019, amid the controversy surrounding the bridesmaids’ speech that she and her co-stars delivered at Angelina Pivarnick’s wedding.

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So we don’t get as many Snooki updates as we used to, but it’s good to see that she’s maintained her sense of humor, even in her present circumstances.

And she can rest assured that while she’s battling the coronavirus, JWoww is battling Angelina.

Get well soon, Snooks!

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