Shailene Woodley Says She 'Jumped In Headfirst' With Aaron Rodgers & 'Immediately' Moved In With Him!

Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers are making things happen as quickly as possible — but it sounds like the pace is no problem for this cute couple!

The Big Little Lies star opened up to Shape Magazine in a new interview and cover story this month, and much of her discussion centered on the 37-year-old NFL star quarterback. While we’ve been tracking their relationship now for some time, too, it’s nevertheless surprising to hear just how hard they’ve fallen for each other! And how quickly things have moved along since they first got together!

In the interview with the mag, Shailene recalled how things started during the height of the coronavirus pandemic last year, and because of that, she and Aaron had to get real about when and how they were going to spend time together. For one, the actress had been laying low for a long time, as she recalled to Shape, explaining that she was more than ready for some meaningful interaction:

“I was by myself with my dog and didn’t see anyone for three months. It forced me to be still and quiet.”

No kidding!

But after all that isolation, Shailene and Aaron found each other and quickly jumped into the Cloud Nine phase of their relationship, finding themselves connecting on a much deeper level much sooner than anyone expected.

After months of self-isolation, Shailene and Aaron actually ended up quarantining together in Montreal! The 29-year-old star was there working in production on a new project while Aaron spent his time watching episodes of Jeopardy! in preparation for his guest-hosting appearance.

As Woodley recalled, that isolation time was critical for both of them (below):

“Starting a relationship where you immediately move in with someone — because it’s a pandemic and you can’t just get on a plane and go back and forth on weekends — taught us a lot about each other very quickly. We jumped in headfirst and got some of the sticky bits out of the way early.”

Amazing! And very unique! Crazy to think they moved in so quickly and jumped right into a serious relationship like that, but it’s clearly been working for the couple in the months since, so, hey, more power to ’em!

Now, though, the two seem to be firing on all cylinders. Woodley admitted to Shape that they have really bonded over shared values — including environmentalism — and they are “getting ready to embrace the next chapter” in their lives together. So sweet! And even sweeter, Shailene clearly believes the whole thing was fated. She summed it up to the mag, saying:

“I would have met Aaron in any context, any space in time, because I feel we were meant to be together.”

Awww! Our hearts! Such a sweet thing to say! BTW, you can read the full Shape interview HERE.

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