Scott Disick Basically Just Admitted He’s Still In Love With Kourtney Kardashian

It’s been almost four years since Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian broke up for the last time.

In that time, they’ve both moved on to new relationships with varying degrees of success, but they’d likely be the first to admit that there’s still a strong connection between them.

And the evidence that these two are more than just exes and co-parents has been everywhere in recent weeks.

First, Scott was spotted with Kourtney outside her home the morning after her birthday.

To be fair, the situation wasn’t what it looked like, and insiders say Disick was simply picking the kids up for their weekend at his house.

(Yes, Scott and Kourtney are still sharing custody during the pandemic, but the couple insists they’ve been taking every precaution.)

Now, fans are once again getting geared up for a reconciliation announcement thanks to Scott’s latest social media activity.

An Instagram page entitled Kourtney Archives posted some throwback pics this week that captured a very intimate moment between Scott and Kourtney.

First, we see the couple kissing in a parking lot.

In the next shot, Scott grabs a handful of the most famous part of the Kardashian anatomy.

Obviously, the photos are old, so on their own, there’s nothing terribly shocking about them.

But fans were quick to point out that Scott “liked” the pics not long after they were posted.

That might not sound like a big deal, but imagine if a third party posted photos of you making out with and groping your ex.

You probably wouldn’t “like” the pics unless you wanted to send a fairly strong message to your exes and your entire social circle.

In fact, if you were in a relationship, as Scott is, you might even go so far as to ask that third party to take the pics down, so as to not hurt anyone’s feellings.

Scott is still dating Sofia Richie, and insiders say the relationship seems to be headed toward marriage.

Despite that, he’s out there liking photos of him getting handsy with his ex.

It seems like dude might be experiencing some mixed feelings these days — and he’s either very brave or very stupid for expressing those feelings in public fashion while he’s quarantined with his girlfriend.

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