Sarah Jessica Parker Defends Iconic ‘Sex And The City’ Outfit After Fans Compare It To Tide Pods

SJP’s got jokes! Sarah Jessica Parker had an epic response to a fan Instagram account that compared one of her character’s iconic looks to Tide Pods!

Don’t mess with Sarah Jessica Parker when it comes to fashion — and, the same goes for her iconic Sex and the City character, Carrie Bradshaw. The actress, 55, took to Instagram to defend Carrie’s eccentric ensembles, after a well known fan account said one of her dresses “vaguely resembled Tide Pods.”

“I delight in all thoughts, feelings. I will keep mine to myself. Perhaps some quality time with the great and legendary @patriciafield is in order. X,” SJP responded. Patricia Field was the veteran costume designer on SATC, who won numerous  awards for her work on the series, including an Emmy. “And I recall well every article, head to toe. Including anklet. X,” the actress added.

Longtime fans of SATC may be familiar with the Instagram account, @everyoutfitonsatc,” which is dedicated to chronicling every outfit Carrie wore in the hit series. On Wednesday, May 13, they posted photos from a scene that showed Carrie in a white dress with green and blue circle designs. — The scene happened to be from an episode in which Carrie is cheating on her boyfriend, Aidan, with her infamous ex, Mr. Big.

(Photo credit: Every Outfit on Sex & the City/Instagram)

(Photo credit: Every Outfit on Sex & the City/Instagram)

“THE CHILDLIKE ADULTERESS | Is Carrie’s affair with Mr. Big her deepest, darkest secret? Or is it the fact that she bought a pair of shortalls at Limited Too?” the account caption the post that caught SJP’s attention. “We can’t imagine why our favorite it-girl would gravitate towards a graphic print that vaguely resembles Tide pods. We also can’t begin to understand the thought process behind pairing said shortalls with an exposed bra and strappy rainbow sandals. Scarlet letter or no, this look is the sartorial equivalent of a cry for help. (S3/EP10).”

Despite some fans assuming Jessica’s response was meant to throw shade, that’s wasn’t the case. The actress and her SJP shoe brand collaborated with @everyoutfitonsatc on a mismatched pair of scandals to pay tribute to the Carrie’s iconic shoe moment. A percentage of the proceeds went to charity.

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