Rep. Nancy Mace: the left wants 'total control over American lives'

Rep. Nancy Mace blasts COVID restrictions

South Carolina Republican explains why lockdowns have been ‘detrimental’

Rep. Nancy Mace joined "The Evening Edit" Thursday to discuss COVID-19 restrictions, saying the left wants "total control over American lives."

REP. NANCY MACE:  I would say the that left wants total control over American lives. If we learned nothing else over the last year, year-and-a-half, we learned how detrimental lockdowns are in this country. Businesses suffered. Suicide rates were up in a very statistically significant way and our kids lost a year of school. 


It’s very confusing, whether we’re talking about the infrastructure package, spending and taxes, or who wants to defund the police, we get all sorts of confusing messages from Jen Psaki and the Biden Administration. The fact in this country is that businesses need certainty, not uncertainty, particularly when inflation is sky-high right now and we’re trying to claw our way out of this pandemic. 


Rep. Mace: ‘The left wants total control over American lives’

South Carolina Republican reacts to some states potentially reimposing COVID restrictions on ‘The Evening Edit’

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