Peter Kay’s brutal swipe at Liam Gallagher in joke praising Oasis brother Noel revealed

Peter Kay appeared to have been one of many members of the public to pick sides between the two sparring Oasis brothers, whose bitter feud has now reached legendary status. The comedian first called-out Liam Gallagher following his outburst at the BRIT Awards before going on to deal another savage blow to the Mancuian rocker online. Ever-warring relatives, the Gallagher brothers have clashed again after a supposed “long forever” track was released. Noel Gallagher posted the single ‘Don’t Stop…’ on Twitter, after discovering it among a number of “faceless” unmarked CDs during a coronavirus lockdown clear-out. In response, Liam vented online that his presence on the track was clearly missed – in what appeared to be another continuation of their cold tactics towards one another. The new confrontation seemed to further dash the dreams of fans, who hoped that the band might reunite someday and forced listeners to pick sides between the pair. Peter Kay also appeared to have been put into that position, as revealed in unearthed accounts. The Bolton-born comedian, whose best skits are airing every Friday night on the BBC, clearly appeared to choose Noel back in 2010. In a surprising double punch, following comments he had made on the night of the BRITs, Peter praised Noel while delivering a brutal put down to Liam. 

Peter Kay has at least twice picked his ‘favoured Gallagher brother’, with the first episode occurring during the awards ceremony itself 10 years ago. 

He made a cutting comment aimed at Liam following shocking scenes that unfolded as the singer accepted an award for ‘Best BRIT’s album of the past 30 years’.

The Oasis lead singer first appeared to snacth the accolade from Queen guitarist Brian May. 

Then the foul-mouthed frontman launched into an expletive-filled rant, which ended in him throwing the microphone off-stage and storming off.

As Peter Kay, who was compéring the 2010 BRITs, returned to address the crowd he called out Liam by quipping: “What a k******d.”

Soon after, the singer took to Twitter to vent: “Listen up fat f***, as a real northerner I was brought up 2 say s*** 2 people’s faces not behind their back. Live forever LG.”

The day after the awards ceremony, it appeared that Peter wanted to rile-up the singer even further with a snide statement on his website.

He wrote: “So it was the BRITs last night and I was honoured to be asked to host the show, especially with it being 30 years old.

“Congratulations to all the winners, including Noel Gallagher, who sadly didn’t get a mention (and who thankfully isn’t a k******d).”

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Peter Kay isn’t the only star to have been at the center of an online feud with Liam – typically ending the star lashing out over Twitter.

In the past, US rapper Kanye West was called “utter s***” by the lead singer. 

Liam also lambasted the Kaiser Chiefs for the money they spent on props for their tour, when he said: “Ps it’s naff c***s like you that give Leeds a bad name…”

The controversial star has also waged war on Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin, film star Sacha Baron Cohen, fellow performer Robbie Williams and countless others.

‘Peter Kay’s Comedy Shuffle’ is broadcast on BBC One every Friday at 9.30pm.

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