Oscars 2021 Could Be Delayed To A Later Date Because Of The Pandemic

The 2021 Oscars could very well be postponed, a source is telling Variety.

The site reports that the prestigious event, which honors the best of filmmaking throughout the year, is set to take place on February 28, 2021 but might be be delayed until a later date.

“It’s likely they’ll be postponed,” one of the sources shared, although any other discussions about the matter weren’t talked about.

Just last month, it was announced that the show would be more inclusive with the kind of movies that would be recognized.

The push for inclusiveness comes after almost all the theaters in the country were shut down due to the pandemic.

“Instead, films that were scheduled for theatrical release, that meet the other eligibility requirements and that are made available for Academy members to view on the organization’s members-only streaming service, Academy Screening Room, within 60 days of being made available on a publicly available streamer or VOD service will be in the running,” the report read.

Find out more about what the new provisions include here.

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