Not a good look! Jim Broadbent discloses real reason he turned down OBE offer

EXCLUSIVE clip from 'Sense of an Ending' starring Jim Broadbent

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Jim Broadbent, 72, was offered an OBE in 2002, following his Oscar win for his role in Iris, but he chose to turn it down. In a new interview, he explained why he made the decision to decline the prestigious title, admitting it was “not a good look”.

Vanity. Not a good look. Didn’t suit me

Jim Broadbent

Chatting to Radio Times, he noted that there were more deserving recipients of an OBE than actors.

“We get treated well all the time,” he explained.

“Actors who get these awards have all won lots of treats along the way doing what they love doing – they don’t need more presents.”

He then added: “But the main reason for turning it down is this…

“Richard Eyre, when asked why he accepted his knighthood, said, ‘Vanity’.

“And when I’m asked why I turned it down, I say the same.

“‘Vanity. Not a good look. Didn’t suit me.'”

It’s not the first time he’s revealed his reasoning behind the decision.

He told The Guardian previously: “I didn’t think it would suit me.

“I’ve been fairly selfish with everything I’ve done and I get enough prizes elsewhere and I didn’t think I deserved it, really.

“And also my father died when I was 22 and he was quite an anarchic spirit, and he would have been proud of me to have turned it down.”

He added: “You know how it is, the usual line, ‘Oh, I accepted it for my parents,’ whereas I turned it down for my parents.

“But I was lucky because the list was leaked, which meant I got the best of both worlds.

“They knew I’d been offered it and they knew I’d turned it down.”

In the same interview, the legendary actor, who’s known for his roles in Harry Potter, The Borrowers, Moulin Rouge and The Iron Lady, stated that he doesn’t regard himself as a “national treasure”, even though… many would argue that he is.

“Oh no!” he winced.

“Well yes, I suppose so, in a way.

“A C-list national treasure. I’m not a Thora Hird or a Julie Waters,” he laughed.

Jim’s full interview is available to read now in Radio Times.

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