Myka Stauffer Breaks Silence to "Debunk" Rumors on "Rehoming" Her Adopted Son Huxley

YouTubers Myka and James Stauffer recently came under fire for revealing that they’d “rehomed” their son Huxley nearly three years after adopting him from China. The couple have remained pretty quiet in the face of backlash, but Myka just broke her silence in a new Instagram post.

She continued to apologize for being “foolish and arrogant:”

Myka went on to “debunk” a few rumors, saying “We did not adopt a child to gain wealth. While we did receive a small portion of money from videos featuring Huxley and his journey, every penny and much more went back into his care. Getting Huxley the care and services he needed was very expensive and we made sure he got every service, and resource we could possibly find. Secondly, we are not under any type of investigation. I’m hoping to share more from my side of the story soon. And lastly I’m so sorry for letting you down. I also want to mention that moms need a safe place to ask for help when they are struggling. No questions asked.”

As a reminder, E! News reported that the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office had received “several inquiries regarding the welfare” of Huxley and while he was “not missing,” an investigation had been opened. The office’s representative put out the following statement:

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