Mushrooms Have Taken the Place of Booze at Weddings

Weddings can be a trippy thing … especially these days, when the wedding party gets all psychedelic with shrooms!!!

There’s a super interesting trend — trading mushrooms for booze. Lots of folks — especially millennials — don’t want that awful champagne hangover the next day, so they’re choosing to party with mushrooms …. usually in the form of tasty chocolates.

Yeah, it’s a hallucinogen, but it’s become very common to relieve anxiety and depression and for lots of folks it’s just a pleasurable experience … within limits. Beats getting drunk.

A 35-year-old wedding guest told The Times, ‘”I think it is a combination of no weddings for two years and the younger generation moving away from getting really p*****, which can make people get quite angry. With this, everyone was having a great time.”

The rub, of course, is that when someone is trippin’ in a big crowd, it could cause chaos, and that’s a real thing as well.

Bottom line … the proper dosage is critical.

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