Monty Don urges thats quite enough! as issue arises in unseen Gardeners World video

Gardeners' World: Patti growls during filming

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Monty Don and pet Patti were the stars of an unseen clip from behind-the-scenes of Gardeners’ World. The BBC programme’s official Twitter account uploaded the video in view of their 123,000 followers.

OK, that’s quite enough, thank you

Monty Don

The horticulturist was heard telling his dog “that’s quite enough” in the 28-second offering.

It came after the Yorkshire terrier was heard growling repeatedly at something out of shot.

The 66-year-old was holding Patti under one arm, seemingly before doing a piece to camera.

However, the little pooch was certainly distracted and Monty attempted to keep her in check.

The sweet yet funny moment was shared to mark the new year and instantly caused a stir amongst fans.

As Patti grumbled, Monty was heard asking her: “Is it a baddie? Is it a bee?”

Wearing navy chinos, braces and a grey shirt, the presenter attempted to spot what was the cause of the issue.

However, he soon told her gently: “OK, that’s quite enough, thank you.”

Someone behind the camera was heard remarking on Patti’s behaviour, and was seemingly amused.

“You’re so fierce, Patti,” the unknown voice quipped.

“What?” Monty asked her, before adding: “OK, shush. Shush. That’s enough.”

BBC Gardeners World had captioned the sweet film: “Happy New Year to all our viewers around the world.

“Thank you so much for watching and here’s to a healthy and happy 2022.

“As a special treat, we thought we’d share this #BehindTheScenes clip of Patti.”

It was signed off: “Isn’t she adorable? #GardenersWorld #DogsOfTwitter #FlowersOnFriday.”

User @Condi1836 was one of the first to comment, writing: “Just love to see Monty Don with Patti in the garden. We have a little Yorkie and my husband has fallen in love with her in the same way.”

@KarenBlower1 agreed: “Bless her! Obviously there were things in the grasses that Monty needed protecting from and Patti is just the dog to do it.”

@SamWatweet stated: “Thank you for being the TV equivalent of a loving hug and a homemade cottage pie.”

@TeresaJ77787858 also went on to say: “So lovely. What a sweetie. Happy New Year to everyone who brings gardeners world to our screens. We so enjoy it.”

Monty’s numerous dogs regularly make appearances on the show, with golden retriever Nigel becoming an instant hit before his death in May 2020.

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