Meghan Markle Calls Out Racist Double Standard: The Royals Would’ve Defended Kate!

When the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they would be stepping down from their roles as senior members of the royal family, they didn’t offer many specifics with regard to the causes of their decision.

Then again, they didn’t have to.

It was widely understood that there were two main factors driving the Sussex’s unprecedented move.

For starters, Meghan had been bullied by the British press from the moment that she and Harry went public with their relationship.

Making matters worse was the fact that Meghan’s in-laws seemed to have little interest in protecting her from libelous media reports.

Now, a scathing new report from the Daily Mail claims that Meghan feels she was subjected to an unfair double standard, as the royal family would have behaved very differently had it been Kate Middleton who was under attack.

“[Meghan said] no one would have put up with it, and the broken and outdated system would have been revised. Those outlets responsible for their vicious attacks would have been shut out,” a source told the newspaper, adding that the duchess believes “changes would have been made.”

The unidentified friend said Meghan was informed at the very beginning that she would be expected to tolerate abuse from the press.

“Meghan said they made it seem like this is the way it is, deal with it. Harry had been dealing with it far too long,” the source added.

“She said he wasn’t going to let this destroy her life and their marriage.”

The insider claims that Meghan and Harry repeatedly informed his family that they could not continue this way — but time and again, their complaints fell on deaf ears.

“Meghan said Harry made it crystal clear that they could not function in good faith under the current system…and that if it wasn’t revised and updated to their liking, they would have no other choice than to break from the royal family,” the insider continued.

“She said no one took his pleas seriously, so they had to take the issue into their own hands. This was about protecting the family and doing right by Princess Diana,” the source added.

“She said the British tabloids have haunted Harry since childhood and should have been kicked out of the media pool long ago. The system is broken and Harry wanted to fix it. She said he needed to take a stand and now they are doing it together.”

The remarks echo an earlier statement made by Meghan regarding the ways in which she was unfairly singled out by the press.

“I didn’t think it would be easy, but I did think it would be fair,” she said in a 2019 interview.

Meghan was no stranger to public life prior to dating Harry, and she says she was repeatedly warned about the scrutiny she would endure as the newest royal.

But it seems she believed that Harry’s family would be more protective of her.

Last week, Harry and Meghan cut ties with several media outlets, including the Daily Mail.

That being the case, this report from an unidentified friend should probably be taken with a grain of salt.

Of course, regardless of whether or not this particular source is an authority on the matter, it remains glaringly obvious that the royals were much more protective of Kate in the early days of her marriage than they ever were of Meghan.

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