Mark Hoppus Confirms Miley Cyrus Sang On Unreleased Version Of Blink-182 Track

In a recent Twitch stream, Mark Hoppus, the bassist/vocalist of Blink-182 revealed that Popstar Miley Cyrus had sung on an unreleased version of the song, “I Really Wish I Hated You” from the band’s latest album, Nine.

The singer, who has taken to live-streaming gameplay of the hugely popular social simulation video game “Animal Crossing” through Twitch, received several questions about the new version on one of the more recent streams.

“Yeah, we, I mean, she sang on a version of ‘I Really Wish I Hated You’ and apparently, it leaked,” he responded to the slew of questions that he appeared to be receiving about the song.

Further details about the song, including the possible release date, are yet to be been revealed.

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