Madison Prewett Spills ALL in First Post-Bachelor Interview: Her Virginity! Peter Weber! And That Evil Kelley Flanagan!

Bachelor Nation, prepare yourselves.

Madison Prewett sat down on April 21, 2020 for an interview with the Off  the Vine podcast, opening way up to the hosts about her time as a contestant on Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor.

The famous virgin, of course, left the series on her own accord after butting heads with Weber's mom…

… only to then agree to date Peter on ABC's After the Final Rose special.

Two days later, she and Weber broke up.

Now, Weber is seemingly dating fellow contestant Kelley Flanagan, but Prewett had some very interesting thoughts on this romance in her aforementioned chat — along with one shocking revelation.

How does Madison feel about what went down with Peter's mom? With the way she revealed her virginity? And a million other Bachelor-related topics?

Scroll down for highlights from her first post-show Q&A.

1.Did She Wait Too Long to Tell Peter She was a Virgin?

2.It Was Such a Hard Thing to Discuss

3.Yes, I Have Regrets

4.But She Has an Even Bigger Regret

5.The Tears Flowed and Flowed

6.In Case You're Reading This, Barbara Weber…

7.How Did the Weber Family Meeting Go So Wrong?

8.Eff Everyone… Except Peter

9.What Happened Following the After the Final Rose Special?

10.Here's the Thing, Though

11.We Tried, You Guys. We Really Did.

12.It All Felt So Wrong

13.The Feelings Were Strong, But…

14.You Can Have Hiim, Hannah Ann

15.Okay. Now Let's Talk Kelley Flanagan…

16.Bombshell, DROPPED

17.Peter Did What Now?!?!?

18.Like I Said, We are VERY Different

19.You're Such an Idiot, Peter

20.And How Did Madison Respond?

21.Peter Fires Back

22.Still, Madison Feels Betrayed

23.Good Luck, Dude. No, Seriously!

24.She's Less Kind About Flanagan

25.Is She Dating Connor Saeli?

26.Is She Really Spending Time with Selena Gomez???

27.What Does Madison's Future Hold?

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