Lucy Mecklenburgh reveals she’s been attacked for getting her baby son Roman vaccinated

Lucy Mecklenburgh has opened up on going to get her baby son Roman’s vaccinations, revealing she’s received a mixed response from fellow mums.

The TV star, who welcomed her son into the world with fiance Ryan Thomas eight weeks ago, revealed he had his jabs earlier this week.

On Tuesday morning, Lucy, 28, took to her Instagram Story to share clips of Good Morning Britain’s Dr Hilary discussing the benefits of vaccinations amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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“It’s about perception of risk. People have forgotten how damaging Polio was, Rabies, Diphtheria, whooping cough. They used to kill thousands and thousands of children. We’ve become complacent because we don’t see that as a risk anymore,” he explained on the ITV morning show.

“Meningitis still does, however, get publicity, but people are more likely to vaccinate their children than the other things they’ve forgotten about. Vaccinations have saved millions and millions of lives.”

Lucy said she thought it was “important” to share Dr Hilary’s words because she had faced criticism over her decision to vaccinate.

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She wrote: “I thought this was important to share as I have had lots of DM’s from mums worried about taking their baby for immunisations.

“Also many attacking me for choosing to vaccinate Roman. This shows you how important they really are! Thank you @drhilaryjones.”

Following Roman’s vaccines, Lucy took to social media to document the day as she reassured other mums.

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With the one month old lying down peacefully in a moses basket in the background, Lucy explained: "So we've just been to get Roman's immunisations and don't get me wrong, he screamed for about 20 minutes but I breastfed him and he calmed down.

"Yeah, he seems okay. He didn't like me very much for a little while though."

In a second clip, Lucy, who recently shared a gorgeous photo of herself breastfeeding, continued: "So if any of you are worried like I was about going out and about when all this has been going on and you've been in your safe little bubble. I was the only one in the doctor's surgery.”

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