Love Island: what happens after villa exit including chaperones and phone return

With the Love Island final just one week away, the coveted cash prize and return to normal life is almost within touching distance for the couples still in the villa.

But with tensions running high and the Islanders left facing the aftermath of Sunday night’s shocking double dumping, some fans at home have been left wondering what actually happens when you get dumped in the villa?

We asked former Love Islander and villa expert Shaughna Phillips for the scoop on what really happens, in this week’s edition of OK!'s Instagram Live series, Let’s Chat Hun.

Following a dumping, viewers at home have seen a fairly rapid turnover between getting the news, packing and departing the villa – and while a little editing magic does speed up the process, Shaughna did confirm that it’s a very quick turnover.

“It’s not that long, maybe 15 to 20 minutes,” she revealed. “You don’t actually pack all your stuff, you basically just pack things you definitely don’t want to lose and then overnight stuff, pyjamas, makeup, things like that.”

In an interesting twist, she then went on to reveal that the rest of your luggage follows afterwards and is actually packed by your fellow contestants.

Shaughna added: “Your other stuff comes out a few days later and the people in the villa actually pack it for you – so hope that you’ve made good friends!”

And when it comes to filming the walk away from the Mallorca property, Shaughna revealed: "It doesn’t take too long, but sometimes you have to do your whole exit a few times."

"So on the third of fourth time of you leaving the villa, you don’t actually care anymore. You’re just like ‘listen, I’ve said my goodbyes!’," quipped the former Islander with a laugh.

Once an Islander leaves the villa, they are not put straight on a plane back to the UK, and spend some time alone while having a debrief from ITV first.

“When you leave, you go to a sort of holding villa,” revealed Shaughna.

She then continued: “And you have a security guard, chaperones, and for me, I left the villa on a Wednesday, I think it was.. And I didn’t actually fly home until the Saturday night, so I was still over there for three or four days before I left.”

“And you kind of do, like we saw last night, some of the dumped Islanders, you have to do bits for AfterSun, you do some filming, you have to do press stuff.”

Despite the pressure of more filming and more interviews, Shaughna did admit say her days after the villa actually felt quite relaxing.

She said: “It’s kind of chilled. You kind of just chill out at that point. You just want to go home!”

One of the things many dumped Islanders most look forward to after leaving the villa, is the return of their mobile phone, which has been strictly off limits for the duration of their time on the show.

“You still don’t have your phone,” admitted Shaughna. “I didn’t have access to my phone for the whole time I was still over there, for the four days. So you’re kind of…you’re ready now to go home and see what’s waiting for you.”

Before heading home, Shaughna also revealed that Islanders have a meeting with the lead of the show's press team who clues them in on what the reception has been like back at home.

Along with the online safety lead, they help to prepare anyone due to leave the villa for the kind of comments they might face on the outside.

Reflecting on her own experience, Shaughna said: “I was very lucky, I only had one bad thing. I think it was Checkatrade who wanted to do a petition saying scaffolders were trustworthy, because of me saying they weren’t trustworthy. So apart from Checkatrade, I don’t think I made any enemies!”

Sharing a few more facts about life immediately post exit, the former Islander went on to reveal that several common pastimes were still off limits as she added: “You’re not even really allowed to watch telly, you can maybe watch a movie, but the chaperone is in charge of the remote control! You can’t watch any news.”

While the rules of chaperoning can seem strict, Shaughna shared that she had a really good relationship with hers, and even went so far as to describe both her chaperone and her security guard as her “best buddies”.

Recalling one particularly entertaining moment, she said: “I found out how many Instagram followers I had, literally as we were about to take off on the plane because my chaperone had hada bet with the security guard […] to see how long it would take me to ask how many Instagram followers I had.”

She then continued: “Because I never ended up asking, they said ‘Just to let you know, we had a bet but you never ended up asking, you’ve just hit 1 million followers!' I couldn’t believe it."

Love Island continues every night at 9pm on ITV2.


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