Liam Payne reveals son Bear begged him to visit during lockdown

Liam Payne’s son Bear is completely over the coronavirus lockdown and told his dad that he and Cheryl ‘need him’ back home.

The former One Direction singer shares the three-year-old tot with ex Cheryl but Liam has been isolating without them.

Speaking in his brand new YouTube vlog, the 26-year-old explained: ‘He did something cute the other day I have to mention, he said, “We need you here now daddy”.

‘Bless him… made me want to cry.’

We’re tearing up as you say it, Liam.

The Strip That Down singer admitted Bear sometimes doesn’t want to FaceTime him, but we get how he feels because video calls are a lot of effort.

‘Bear has been extremely funny at the moment,’ he said. ‘Very cute as well. It has been the toughest time at the moment being away from him.

‘On FaceTime I’ve had everything from him jumping up and down on a trampoline in wellington boots, playing a ukulele, wearing a princess dress and a fireman’s jacket. If you can imagine that. That is what he was doing at the time.’

Liam added: ‘Sometimes he wants to say hello on FaceTime and other times he doesn’t want to say hello. You know when someone calls and you’re like, “Go away, I don’t wanna talk to you on the phone”.

‘I used to be like that. I can see a lot of myself in him.’

Cheryl and Liam began dating in 2016, with Bear arriving a year later, before their break up in July 2018.

Liam had to miss Bear’s birthday this year due to coronavirus fears but it’s a great thing they can still FaceTime (or maybe it’s time to use Zoom).

He admitted it was a ‘tough call to make’ but both him and Cheryl decided it was the ‘best option’.

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