Kendall Jenner Is Flaunting Major Underboob in the Tiniest Fluffy Cardigan

Gooooood morning to Kendall Jenner’s underboob!

On a slime green runway in Paris, a roomful of lucky, lucky people were blessed with the vision of Kendall’s perfectly bronzed cleavage. The supermodel walked the runway at Jacquemus “La Montagne” show wearing what might be the tiniest cardigan I’ve ever seen.

Precariously tied together by a dainty gold chain, the top flaunted Kenny’s favorite high-fashion accessories. Seemingly to balance out the splash of nudity, she wore a floor-length wrap skirt on bottom for a flirty-profesh type of vibe.

I’m not going to explain how this incredibly chic look makes me feel, because her bestie Fai Khadra’s face truly says it all.

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