Kaia Gerber dyed her hair an odd shade of blonde in lockdown: love it or hate it?

Do you ever get irrationally mad at someone you know or some celebrity you like simply because of their hair color? It happens to me all the time. Remember, a few years ago, when Taylor Swift wore a red wig for a music video? I suddenly got so mad that Taylor doesn’t dye her hair red permanently, because it looks so good on her. Her blonde hair has pissed me off ever since! I feel the same way about Nicole Kidman’s strange white-strawberry-blonde hair too – it looks awful and she has desperately needed to go darker for many years.

So it is with Kaia Gerber. Kaia is 18 years old and like many of us, she experimented with her hair while in lockdown. In my case, it was cutting off an inch of hair when I was mad one evening. For Kaia, it was going dramatically blonde and unveiling her new look over the past week. This hair color upsets! Irrationally mad, although not quite at Taylor Swift Needs To Have Red Hair mad. Kaia needs to be a brunette. Her coloring, her eyebrows, everything – she just needs to have darker hair!

Back in April, Kaia chatted with Refinery29 about haircare during lockdown, and she basically said that she’s doing it all by herself – she’s trimming her bob, and she used a DIY recipe for highlights which she found on the internet. It sounds like maybe the blonde was used to cover up a weird highlight situation from a DIY disaster? Probably. Oh well, youthful hair experimentation! Let’s hope she goes back to brown in a few months.

— HollywoodLife (@HollywoodLife) June 23, 2020

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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