Julia Trubkina Has Morning Sickness on 90 Day Fiance: Brandon Wants to Tell Mom!

90 Day Fiance Season 8 just isn’t the same without Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina’s storyline.

Even though her 90 Day Farmhand nightmare seems to be over, a new problem has emerged.

In this sneak peek for Sunday’s new episode, Julia reveals that she has morning sickness.

Even before Julia takes a pregnancy test, Brandon’s first instinct is to blab to his mother.

As this sneak peek for Season 8, Episode 11 begins, Julia Trubkina is in the passenger’s seat while Brandon Gibbs drives his car.

Julia is clearly feeling unwell, and rolls down her window for fresh air.

She warns Brandon that she fears that she may have to do the unthinkable — vomit. (It’s so gross to have to do, folks)

Brandon offers to pull over, but Julia does not yet see the need.

He asks if she’s feeling unwell.

This is when Julia shares that she was actually throwing up “all morning.”

That is an obvious bad sign, of course.

At this point, Julia suggests that perhaps something happened.

She reminds him of an incident — and we can easily guess what — from a week earlier.

Clearly, a week earlier, Brandon’s “pull-out method” had been even worse than usual.

(It’s always a bad method, but we’re thinking that maybe he waited too long to pull out and, well, didn’t)

Suddenly, Brandon is hit with the horrible realization that his fiancee might be pregnant.

At this point, the sneak peek cuts to a month earlier, when Brandon was oafishly admitting how careless he and Julia are.

He says that they use the pull out method … and that it has worked well so far.

Well, lots of bad ideas work until they don’t. That’s what makes them bad ideas.

Aside from Brandon’s toxic, controlling parents, no one is begrudging him for disliking condoms or Julia for avoiding hormonal birth control.

There are numerous options available — the best one, for these two, would be if Brandon had the common sense to get a vasectomy.

They are easy, reversible, and relatively cheap — costing $0 to $1,000 depending upon insurance. That is hundreds of times cheaper than becoming a parent.

Brandon’s mother has such a stranglehold on his psyche that his first thought is even worse than their current birth-lack-of-control method.

He wants to run crying to his mother to let her know.

Julia, who has lived on this nightmare farm for weeks now, can scarcely believe her ears.

“Are you serious?” she asks.

Brandon is very serious.

Julia very understandably asks the question: “Why” in the world would he tell his mom now?

Julia explains that they themselves do not even know.

They haven’t bought a pregnancy test yet.

They need to find out if she’s pregnant or not before they tell anyone.

Only then, after they take the test, should they tell Brandon’s parents.

(And if she’s not pregnant, they’ve dodged two bullets — pregnancy, and the parental nightmare that would follow)

Betty can find out 11 months after this when the episode airs, not freak out right then and there.

Brandon explains his line of “thinking.”

In his opinion, they should tell Betty because she’s so nosy and controlling that she’d never let Julia just feel a little unwell in peace.

Oh, that’s not how he phrased it, but that’s the truth.

Brandon and Julia are both in a state of disbelief.

Julia has clearly had this fear for hours already.

Brandon is just learning of the possible pregnancy. It’s a lot to take in.

And, let’s face it, it’s a lot to take in on camera.

Meanwhile, Julia tells the camera that she’s not buying Brandon’s bizarre reason for telling his mom.

She knows him and the dynamics of his toxic family too well for that.

Brandon can’t solve problems on his own.

This isn’t his choice — this is something that was done to him.

It’s the result of decades of constant control.

But the result is that Brandon doesn’t know how to approach a new problem head-on himself.

Instead, his first instinct when he’s uncertain is to run to his parents.

This is the result of years of manipulation.

It’s good that Julia at least recognizes what’s happening.

But is she really prepared to spend the rest of her life with a man who can’t buy a simple pregnancy test without holding his mom’s hand?

We’re genuinely rooting for these two, so … we hope that this storyline is an opportunity for growth for both of them.

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