Joe Sugg admits he was initially worried to learn about his family history

Joe Sugg admits he was ‘on the fence’ about doing Strictly

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Joe Sugg, 30, revealed he was “worried” ahead of taking part in the hit genealogy series Who Do You Think You Are?, over fears that he may stumble on something negative about his ancestry. The YouTuber admitted he had to remind himself that the past is the past and he can’t change whatever he might find.

To begin with, I did have a worry that I may discover something negative

Joe Sugg

In a new interview with BBC ahead of his episode, Joe explained he’s always been interested in history and was grateful for the opportunity to trace his family back eras.

But with the unknown, always comes concerns.

“To begin with, I did have a worry that I may discover something negative,” Joe said.

“Then I reminded myself that times were very different in earlier history and you can’t change the past.”

The former Strictly contestant revealed he and the team focussed on his maternal side of the family, which included great tales of bravery, and finding out his ancestors surprising line of work.

And the experience has led to a new outlook on life for Joe.

“It’s made me realise that life is a series of sliding doors and decision-making,” he said.

“I’m extremely lucky to be here despite all the struggles and choices my ancestors made throughout history.

“I think we can all learn something about what life was like for our ancestors and the struggles they went through.

“It also makes me appreciate how lucky I am to actually be here experiencing life,” he smiled.

The social media star also touched on the latest series of Strictly, on which he appeared in 2018.

Joe giggled as he eagerly revealed he’s “always on stand-by” to have another go on the dancefloor.

“I already enjoy Strictly, I do the podcast for the show so I still get to visit the studio and chat to all the pros and celebs and I do wish I could have another whizz on the dancefloor,” he laughed.

“I’m always on stand-by just in case!”

On Tuesday, Joe’s pro dancer girlfriend Dianne Buswell had to reassure fans that he was doing OK, after she shared a video of him falling off a table.

Posting the clip to Instagram, the dancer apologised as she admitted she probably should have said the video was from two years ago.

Dianne could be seen gasping and covering her mouth with her hands as she could be heard giggling before the film cut out.

However, after sharing the clip in view of her 862K followers, many fans worried it was a recent accident and wondered if Joe was hurt.

Taking to her story, she reassured viewers he was absolutely fine: “So many messages asking me if Joe is OK!” she penned.

“Probably should have stated that this was nearly two years ago when we danced the Christmas special together!”

She added with a laughing face: “And he was fine just a funny moment.”

In the comments section of the post, Joe admitted he’d almost forgotten about the humorous memory.

“I nearly forgot about this!” he chuckled with a steam of laughing faces.

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