Joe Rogan Sparks Debate for Saying ‘Video Game Is a Waste of Time’

In the latest episode of his podcast series, the comedian says, ‘Three years later you could just be that same kid, playing video games, waiting for the next whatever the f**k game is… You’re gonna waste your time.’

AceShowbizJoe Rogan is reflecting on the time he spent on video gaming. During the recent episode of his podcast series “Joe Rogan’s Experience”, he made a controversial comment on the fun activity that successfully sparked debate on the Internet.

Getting candid about his past video games addiction, the stand-up comedian said, “Video games are a real problem. They’re a real problem. You know why? Because they’re f**king fun. You do them, and they’re real exciting, but you don’t get anywhere.” Joe went on pointing out that people will unlikely receive money from spending all their years grinding on video games rather than doing something different.

“You [could be] doing something exciting and fun, or you could just be playing f**king video games,” Joe said. “Three years later you could just be that same kid, playing video games, waiting for the next whatever the f**k game is… You’re gonna waste your time.” While he admitted that there are people who make money out of video games, he stressed, “You have to be adaptable, you have to able to play multiple video games. Because the one game you get really good at, what are the odds it’ll be around in 5 years time?”

People had all kinds of different reactions after listening to the podcast. While some agreed that video games are indeed a waste of time, some did not. “My husband is a video game addict and it sucks for my family. If he’s not working, he’s either gaming or sleeping. I have to ask him to help with everyday responsibilities that I end up taking on. It bothers my kids too. I think it’s a waste of time,” one person said, to which another argued, “Sorry to tell you this but the problem in that case is not videogames, is your husband.”

Someone else commented, “Well yah … He is not wrong. Playing gamed is a way to escape reality and burn time. But I understand what he means there is more productive things to do with that time if you so desired.” In response to this user, one said, “Playing some games at a high level can improve your mental skills like chess. Sports/martial arts have downsides too, even if you are talented if you sustain a major injury your career can be over before it begins.”

“No offense but when will the rise and grind mentality of DEMONIZING fun and free time finally die,” another said. “American ideology distilled: Anything that’s not about building a business and ‘driving a Mercedes’ gets filed under a ‘waste of time’, even when it’s even ‘f**king fun’. Ugh,” someone else commented, while an individual noted, “Saying ‘having fun’ is a ‘waste of time’ is one of the most ignorant things you can say. One of the biggest issues with our generation is people putting negative pressure on us for ‘having fun’ it’s MADDD. And people wonder why we’re all sad.”

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