Jersey Shore: What REALLY Happened After Zack Carpinello Groped Angelina Pivarnick?

Back in October of 2019, Jersey Shore aired a scene so shocking that the stars of show themselves were taken aback.

Yes, we’re talking about the scene in which Zack Carpinello groped Angelina Pivarnick while his girlfriend, Jenni Farley, was passed out at his feet.

The next morning, Jenni was clearly confused about the details (that’ll happen when you’re passed out drunk), and she mistakenly blamed Angelina.

It was only when the episode aired 5 months later that Jenni came to her senses and dumped Carpinello.

These days, Jenni and Zack are back together, but at the time Thursday night’s episode of Shore was filmed, they were newly broken up, Jenni having learned the truth about the incident just days earlier.

(We know — there are HBO prestige TV dramas that are easier to keep up with.)

This week’s installment was our first look at Jenni’s handling of the truth after it was revealed to her and a national TV audience at the same time.

While she was confused and hurt, and initially inclined to continue blaming Angelina, she soon realized that “24” Carpinello was the real villain.

“After watching the episode in Vegas, it took everyone by surprise,” Vinny explained at one point.

“After watching it, I think the whole world was shocked, including Jenni. After seeing it with her own eyes, Jenni got mad and reacted in her own crazy way. I feel super bad for Jenni. Her divorce, her kids, and now to deal with another public breakup, Jenni doesn’t need that right now.”

“Nice to watch the episode,” Jenni said.

“It broke my heart. I was literally sitting in my living room, blindsided. There wasn’t even an inkling of knowing that’s how it happened.”

“As I’m watching this episode unfold, I’m looking at how inebriated and intoxicated I am, then I’m looking at my boyfriend who’s not helping me whatsoever and actually making the whole situation worse by touching Angelina inappropriately,” she continued.

“I deserved better than that night and it’s something I can’t get over. Believe you me, he got his.”

Initially, Jenni lashed out at Angelina on Twitter, but she soon recognized the error of her ways.

“She finally sees it now and now she’s mad at me, when I told her so many months ago?!” Pivarnick fumed to her then-fiance Chris Larangeira.

“Did this girl ever give a f–k about my feelings? She never gave a f–k about my feelings, I don’t give a f–k about hers. It’s our wedding time and I’m not dealing with this. I will literally make sure I make her life a living hell.”

Fortunately, it didn’t come to that.

Jenni looked back with regret on her fight with Angelina in Point Pleasant, New Jersey the previous summer, and she recognized the need to make things right.

“I feel the need to apologize,” Farley said in a confessional.

“It’s not easy for me, but I’m going to give it my best efforts. I’m curious to see if we can ever get back to a good place. It’s like a series of unfortunate events. Let’s close that shit and start anew.”

And how better to make that apology than as a surprise guest at Angelina’s bachelorette party in New Orleans?

Actually, surprising a drunk person at an important event is probably one of the worst ways to apologize, but we’re sure it’ll work out for Jenni.

(Sadly, we won’t find out exactly what happened until next week’s episode.)

And it’ll be good for JWoww to get some practice in.

After Angelina’s wedding, she’ll have so much more to apologize for!

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