Jeremy Clarkson addresses replacing Queen with a president after Platinum Jubilee

Jeremy Clarkson left bemused by Ant and Dec prank

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Jeremy Clarkson shared his thoughts on the Platinum Jubilee celebrations which took place last weekend. The nation marked the Queen’s 70-year reign over the bank holiday with street parties to mark Her Majesty’s achievement.

Writing in his latest column, the former Top Gear host touched on the festivities as he championed the royals.

The Clarkson’s Farm star admitted he had no interest in Britain getting rid of the monarchy as he mocked the potential options.

The on-screen star explained he will remain a royalist and does not wish to see the monarchy dissipate.

He wrote: “Even after last weekend’s celebrations, there are still those who say the monarch should be replaced with a president.

“OK, and what president would you like? Putin? Trump? Macron? Biden?”

He added in The Sun: “I’ll stick with Mrs Queen, if that’s OK.”

Meanwhile, the Grand Tour host who declared himself a “remainer”, shared his thoughts as he weighed in on the flags being paraded around his area during the Jubilee.

Millions of people throughout the UK have come together to celebrate the historic event of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, with Union Jack flags on show in several cities as a sign of passion and patriotism.

The car-enthusiast turned farmer sparked a social media reaction as he revealed the European flag (EU) was on full display in the area of Charlbury.

In view of his 7.7 million followers, the Clarkson’s Farm star admitted he found the move “funny” but also described it as “c***ish”.

He penned: “Someone in Charlbury is flying the EU flag. As a remainer, I have to say that’s funny, but also a bit c***ish.”

His tweet sparked a reaction online as social media users reacted to the post.


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Twitter user, @LLemonSS commented: “I don’t think it’s c***ish at all. If you support the EU as an ideal, then you support it. If you’re referring to the fact it’s being flown during the Jubilee bank holiday, well the royal family (regardless of your opinion of them) have nothing to do with the EU anyway.”

@Charlbury remarked: “Do try and keep up Jeremy, we’ve had them up since the referendum.”

@nigelx31 tweeted: “That flag’s been up since before the referendum. Not a nose-thumb to Her Maj.”

Union Jack flags, hats, shirts, and bunting – the symbol of the United Kingdom is on every street corner as thousands gather to celebrate the Queen’s 70-year reign on the throne.

Some social media users have criticised the use of the flag which has sparked numerous discussions online.

Twitter user, @selfesteem wrote: “I just can’t think of anything more embarrassing than a Union Jack flag.”

@LemSip27 commented: “We live in a massive Tory area. Walked past the house up the road, brand new massive flagpole and Union Jack flag. I see it as a threat, it’s fascism.”

The United Kingdom left the European Union on 31 January 2020.

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