Jennifer Connelly’s kids are so bored they wanted to watch the UPS delivery

Jennifer Connelly is currently quarantined in Vermont with her husband, Paul Bettany, and their two kids, Agnes, 9, and Stellan, 16. During an interview for Emmy Magazine, Jennifer said her kids are so starved for human contact outside of their parents, they asked if they could watch the UPS guy make his delivery to their home.

For Jennifer Connelly and her family, social distancing in Vermont amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has been “very difficult.”

Connelly, 49, opened up about how the global health crisis has affected her family in a recent interview with Emmy magazine sharing, “I can’t remember if it’s three weeks or four weeks now that we’ve been here,” the Daily Mail reported.

“We don’t go anywhere,” Connelly, who is married to actor Paul Bettany, shared.
The couple shares two children: son Stellan, 16, and daughter Agnes Lark, 9. Connelly is also mom to son Kai Dugan, 22, from a previous marriage.

Connelly shared with Emmy that even the most trivial tasks have proven to be big events in her household due to the lack of outside contact.

“The other day, the UPS guy came, and the kids got so excited. They were like, ‘We haven’t seen a person in a week! Can we watch?’” Connelly said her children told her. “And I was like, ‘Yeah. Sure.’ And they literally sat on the staircase and watched as I opened the door and waved and talked to the UPS guy from a distance.”

“The human connection, not having that contact, has been really difficult for everyone,” Connelly told Emmy according to the Mail.

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When I first read this, it made me laugh and then I remembered how just last week, I flagged down our FedEx guy to ask him what song he was playing. I could’ve Shazamed it from my window while he delivered to the house next door, but I think I also just needed to connect with someone, like Jennifer said. (I find the Instacart drivers are particularly chatty, fyi.) It is hard on everyone. The parents of my son’s friends and I just came up with a plan to get them together in a socially distant, open-aired environment and then we heard California is looking at possible renewed Stay At Home restrictions due to a spike in our COVID cases. This concerns Jennifer as well because her oldest son, Kai, is 22 and living out here (I think Kai’s dad is here). Jennifer said this is the longest they’ve gone without seeing Kai ever and it was really weighing on her. She had been planning a huge family reunion party that I guess will have to wait until we get our numbers back down. *Sigh* Oh well, at least our delivery people will still visit.

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