Jenelle Evans Joins Cameo; Critics Beg Company to Kick Her to the Curb!

Here we go again.

As part of her never-ending campaign to avoid getting a real job, Jenelle Evans has launched yet another social media partnership.

If you follow her on Twitter or Instagram, you probably know how this sort of situation usually unfolds.

Jenelle lands a sponsored content deal; her millions of critics bombard the company in question with messages about what a terrible person she is; owners of said company realize they’re doing business with an abusive bigot; Jenelle gets fired; cycle repeats.

But this time is a little different, as Jenelle won’t be receiving a paycheck from her new bosses directly.

Instead, it’ll be up to the market to decide if she continues getting paid.

Cameo is a service that allows fans to purchase personalized video greetings from their favorite celebrities.

The bigger the celebrity, the more they can charge, which is why users were surprised to learn that Jenelle — an unemployed former reality star — is charging $75 per greeting.

(The ones she’s recorded thus far last only a few seconds.)

That’s more than the rates charged by current reality stars, such as cast members of 90 Day Fiance or Queer Eye.

Those who know Jenelle best weren’t surprised by the hefty price tag, as Jenelle is rumored to be broke, and she’s been resorting to increasingly desperate measures to make ends meet.

To be fair, however, there is an unexpected twist to this story.

In announcing that she had joined Cameo, Jenelle added that for today and tomorrow only, she will donate her proceeds to charity:

“I teamed up with the app @BookCameo to donate 100% of the money to the @nokidhungry Foundation!” Evans tweeted on Friday.

“This will be for today (04/17) and tomorrow (4/18). Let’s see how much money we can raise to help out all the kids in America during this crisis! 

Of course, this is Jenelle we’re talking about, so if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Critics on Twitter reminded potential buyers that the No Kid Hungry donation promise is only valid until midnight on Saturday.

After that, all proceeds will go straight to Jenelle, excepting the fee that Cameo charges as a go-between.

A few people dug deep in search of similar arrangements, and noticed that in the case of Survivor host Jeff Probst, Cameo made no guarantees regarding the donation, and stated that No Kid Hungry would not receive the entire purchase amount.

In a disclaimer, Cameo informed users that if they wish to ensure that 100 percent of their donation goes to No Kid Hungry, they should donate to that very worthy cause directly, which you can do by clicking on this link.

On Twitter, users were understandably skeptical of Jenelle’s arrangement, and many of them voiced their concerns.

“I highly doubt this money is going to be donated to anyone but her and her unemployed swamp monster husband,” tweeted one follower.

“We all need to let @BookCameo followers (the very few they have) that they fully support this trash and are allowing her to make money off child and animal abuse and in fact, according to them, they love it,” another wrote.

“After that 100% goes in your pocket since If I were you, Cameo, I would jump ship and cut ties with her. It’s probably not a very good business move for you guys,” a third chimed in.

Another user reiterated that the donation program is for a limited time only, and after that, this will become yet another money-making opportunity for Jenelle.

“After that 100% goes in your pocket because @TeenMom canned you because of David, right?” this person tweeted.

Now, to be fair, MTV fired Jenelle for her own role in last year’s dog-killing child abuse scandal — it wasn’t entirely David’s fault.

And for the next 36 hours or so, at least some of the money Jenelle raises will go to a good cause.

We encourage Cameo to keep her on for that time period — and then join dozens of other fine corporations in the proud tradition of firing Jenelle Evans.

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