Jason Sudeikis Is the Best Part of the Golden Globes and Twitter Agrees

Okay, so, IDK if you’ve heard, but the Golden Globes are on tonight. One of the nominees for said Golden Globes was Jason Sudeikis in the best actor in a musical or comedy series category, and he won for his show Ted Lasso. His acceptance speech was definitely…a moment. Like, it was unclear whether he just wasn’t prepared or whether he was totally over it or what.

He wore a tie-dye sweatshirt for the ceremony, which is a flex in and of itself, and then he gave an acceptance speech that literally in no way made sense but was somehow still funny? And then there was live footage of all his fellow nominees reacting to his speech, which was gold. Don Cheadle literally made the “wrap it up” motion while Jason was rambling.

Basically, depending on your viewpoint, Jason either totally won the Globes because he simply DGAF or he lost the Globes because he…was very “lights are on, no one’s home.” Either way, I love him and will continue to stan. Here are the best reactions.

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