Jameela Jamil says Adele ‘would hate this’ as she joins us in eyerolling memes

Jameela Jamil, warrior for all that’s good in the world, has joined us all in the mega eyeroll being shifted in the direction of the memes about Adele’s apparent weight loss.

The internet couldn’t seem to mind its manners this week when the Someone Like You singer shared a snap to Instagram to mark her 32nd birthday while in lockdown.

While the star didn’t dang mention a ruddy thing about her body, all eyes were on it as fans remarked at her shape.

Soon it seemed the recesses of the internet had regressed into meme sharing as they compared ‘skinny Adele’ to food people would rather eat.

Sharing images of pizza, fried chicken, and all the other treats we’re told we just simply cannot touch if we want to be aesthetically pleasing to the outside world, Jameela shared her distaste for the kind of rhetoric surrounding the singer’s bod.

‘These memes are everywhere. This is so offensive. So destructive. So reductive.

‘It encourages us to demonize and become afraid of food. (sic).’

Jameela – who has been open about her struggle with anorexia in the past – has been sharing keen messages of hope and ‘you can do it guys’ in the face of advertisements and pressures to keep up with exercise and lose weight in lockdown, posting a headline about losing weight ‘quickly’.

Of course, if you want to do be doing this for all the right reasons, then have at it – but Jameela just wants you to be ok, ok?

She tweeted in April: ‘If you’re struggling with your weight and image in a moment of new foods, less excercise, and general loss of control, just try to breathe and know it is only your responsibility to stay safe and protect others, not to be thin.

‘This time will pass. Avoid scales. Focus on survival.

‘And PLEASE know celebs/influencers have SO much help to look how they do. Comparing yourself to them isn’t fair game. Focus on mental health, not speedy thinness. Give yourself a break.’

While fans have praised Adele’s transformation, other commentary hasn’t been so positive sparking a debate about her weight loss.

Addressing the reaction to her new look, the singer’s former London-based trainer Pete Geracimo wrote in an Instagram post: ‘It’s disheartening to read negative commentary and fat-phobic accusations questioning the genuineness of her amazing weight loss.

‘In my personal experience of working with her through many highs and lows, she always marched to the beat of her own drum on her own terms.’

Pete applauded the singer for always relying on her talent to sell records rather than ‘expose her flesh’ or revert to being an ‘over the top sexy vixen’.

The trainer continued: ‘When Adele and I started our journey together, it was never about getting super skinny. It was about getting her healthy.

‘Especially post pregnancy and post surgery. When 25 [album] dropped and the tour announced, we had to get ready for a 13 month gruelling schedule. In that time, she warmed to training and made better food choices.

‘As a result, she lost considerable weight and people took notice. Her body transformation was splashed across every media outlet. The attention it generated was mind-blowing.’

He added: ‘My hope is that people appreciate the hard work that Adele has done to improve herself for the benefit to her and her family only. She did not lose the weight to make others feel bad about themselves. This personal transformation has nothing to do with me or you. It’s about Adele and how she wants to live her life.

‘She has not changed from the Adele we grew up with and have loved. There is just a little less of her to go around. Just think, now that she is more fit and more fabulous, she might tour again! WIN-WIN!!!!’

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