House of Gucci has a trailer & posters: will you watch this glorious mess?

You know what I love? Fascinating stories about terrible rich people doing awful things among gorgeous scenery. Like, there are easily twenty amazing stories just about terrible rich Italians which could be made into fantastic movies. Finally, that’s starting to happen. Ridley Scott has directed House of Gucci, based on the true story of Patrizia Reggiani and Maurizio Gucci. Maurizio Gucci was, at one point, the head of Gucci. By 1995, his lavish spending had been catching up to him for years, he kept selling off parts of the Gucci empire and he was ready to marry his mistress. And then his ex-wife Patrizia orchestrated a hit on him.

The film has Lady Gaga as Patrizia and Adam Driver as Maurizio. The film also includes Salma Hayek (as a crazy psychic), Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons (as Maurizio’s father), Jared Leto (as Paolo Gucci) and Jack Huston. The film is apparently just as much about the business of an inherited fashion house as it is about murder and lavish spending. Here’s the first trailer:

If you’re like me, you’re thinking “wait, he was murdered in 1995, that’s not the ’80s.” The film obviously goes into the backstory of the marriage and the Gucci empire, at least throughout the 1980s. That’s why they’re leaning in hard to that vibe and aesthetic. As for the accent work and the Italian drama… I love it? I think Gaga sounds okay here, but I’m willing to hear other opinions from Italians! Adam Driver looks *very* good as this sleazy kind of guy.

Earlier in the day, they released the character posters, and there’s a lot of makeup and prosthetics and interesting styling. Gaga looks flat-out fantastic with the dark wig, strong makeup and Italian-widow styling – we knew that already, from the set photos and the trailer. Adam Driver looks like Adam Driver in bad glasses, although I never realized his hair is so pretty. Jeremy Irons can play a sleazy, eccentric pan-European character with a tiny mustache in his sleep. Mutton-chop Pacino is interesting, but the poster everyone is talking about is Jared Leto’s. Yeah, it doesn’t look anything like him. Yeah, he’s doing another big “transformation” to play a character. Blah. All I’ll say is what I always say: if you’re going to hire some traditionally handsome actor to put on a mountain of prosthetics (and what looks like padding), maybe you should just hire a different actor. Like, Paul Giamatti is available. Giamatti probably would have had a ball playing this character. You would not even need to put him in ten hours of prosthetics and makeup.

Posters courtesy of ‘The House of Gucci’/United Artists.

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