Happy Death Day Director Christopher Landon Feels Lucky Despite Cancer Diagnosis

The ‘Paranormal Activity’ screenwriter reminds people to ‘get a physical,’ ‘get tested’ and ‘be vigilant’ when revealing that part of his kidney was removed amid his battle with cancer.

AceShowbizChristopher Landon has just spoken out about his health scare. The “Happy Death Day” director has revealed in a new social media post that he was diagnosed with kidney cancer, declaring that he still felt “lucky” despite his medical condition.

“Whelp….where to start,” the 46-year-old screenwriter began his caption he wrote alongside a selfie of himself, which he posted on his Instagram page on Thursday, June 10. The filmmaker revealed in his note, “About a week ago I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. I was rushed into emergency surgery to have part of my kidney removed.” He added, “I wasn’t going to post about it but I kinda need to because I got lucky and caught it early.

Christopher opened up that “it was a fluke that it was discovered and it hadn’t spread yet.” Along with a photo of himself laying on a bed with a hospital robe, the “Paranormal Activity” director went on to remind his followers to stay aware of their condition, saying, “PSA time: watch your bodies. Get a physical. Get tested. Get imaging when you can. Some of these cancers are silent killers. You don’t know they are there until it’s too late.”

“I could have spent years walking around with this without symptoms,” Christopher stated. The “Scouts vs. Zombies” screenwriter then expressed his gratitude to those who have been supporting him as saying, “I’m so grateful to my doctors, my husband, my family and friends. I’ll get through this.” He then concluded his message, “PLEASE be vigilant too [love].”

Prior to his kidney cancer diagnosis, it was announced in February that Christopher was working on the script of a new installment of “Paranormal Activity”. The father of one, who wrote four of the previous movies before directing “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones“, has teamed up with Will Eubank, who will direct the seventh movie, which is said to reinvent the supernatural horror franchise.

The new installment has Emily Bader, Roland Buck III, Dan Lippert and Henry Ayers-Brown in its cast. The yet-to-to-titled film was originally scheduled for release on March 19, 2021, but it was moved to March 4, 2022 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Paramount Plus CEO Bob Bakish later confirmed in May that the latest installment in the franchise “will premiere on Paramount+ by the end of ’21.”

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