Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Bailey Suffers A Devastating Tragedy

Grey’s Anatomy has been handing the COVID-19 pandemic ever since it returned to the air last month.

It was inevitable there would be a big loss for the characters as they battle a virus that is pushing medical resources to the brink.

Thursday’s new episode kicked off with Koracick arriving at the hospital on a stretcher and hallucinating that he’s talking to his late son.

With Meredith’s vitals showing signs of life, Tom was going the other way, and Teddy was worried sick.

Owen wanted to make sure that Teddy was not putting her personal feelings ahead of the patient, so he took over, and it made things between the warring couple considerably more difficult.

Amelia also popped up at the hospital. Tom was her trainer, the person who saved her life after her brain tumor, and also the first lay she had after ditching Owen.

What should have been a tense war of words between Amelia and Teddy was actually something more.

They put on a united front and recognized that they have both done some terrible things throughout their lives. Yes, Grey’s Anatomy managed to put common ground between two former villains.

The good news is that Tom started to show some signs of life and gradually started to feel better again.

It was a rare moment of happiness on a show that is filled with so much misery. The clips ahead of broadcast certainly suggested that Tom would not survive the hour.

But he did, so that’s a positive. With the Winter finale around the corner, there’s still time for his condition to worsen.

Elsewhere, Bailey was struggling amid the pandemic. She was so tired after work that she wasn’t even making it to the designated hotel she was stationed in to keep her loved ones safe.

A phone call with her father confirmed that she’s terrified about what could happen if anyone she loved contracted the virus.

Her worst fears came true when she learned there was an outbreak at the assisted living facility that her parents live in.

Richard went to check on them but arrived at the hospital with Bailey’s mother.

In a tender moment, Bailey revealed to Meredith on the beach that her mother has Alzheimer’s, and she kept it quiet because she “didn’t want to bring up any old pain for you or Richard.”

Bailey tells Maggie that she doesn’t want her mother to suffer anymore, but she also doesn’t want her to be another statistic of COVID-19.

Bailey was struggling, but Richard told her to be at her mother’s side when she passes, or she would regret it for the rest of her life.

Bailey and Richard sing “My Little Girl,” as her mother passes away, and the show lists a name of Americans who have died of the virus.

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