Graham Nash Says He’s Completed ‘Half An Album’ While In Quarantine

Singer and songwriter Graham Nash has revealed that he has completed “half an album” during his time in quarantine.

Speaking to “CBS This Morning” co-host Anthony Mason, Nash said, “It’s not been too weird for me. I’m not a very social creature. I like to stay in my apartment. I like to be making music. … I’m doing demos. I’ve got half an album already done.”

Nash was forced to cancel his sold-out tour after completing just five shows due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Unfortunately, you know, it was getting crazy,” Nash said about the tour. ” I was definitely concerned about my audience and my crew – and myself, you know? So yes, very strange times.”

“Obviously, I love to perform. I love to communicate,” he told Mason. “But quite frankly I don’t see that happening until 2021.
That’s almost another year away.”

Nash’s socially distanced interview with Mason took place in the garden of St. Mark’s Church in New York City.

(Photo: Eric Draper)

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