Erica Banks Called Mean Girl After Sharing Qualifications of Women Who Can Join Her at Club

The raptress comes under fire after she takes to Instagram Story to rant to her ‘close friends’ about the type of women she prefers to go clubbing with which many find offensive.

AceShowbizErica Banks may have to revise her “close friends” list on Instagram. The raptress came under fire after she took to Instagram Story to rant to her “close friends” about the type of women she prefers to go clubbing with and many found the qualifications offensive.

“If she don’t look how I want her to look physically, I don’t want her to come,” the “Buss It” hitmaker said. “Because the look of everything is so important to me. Like if she ain’t thick enough, nope. Hair not did good enough, nope. Can’t dress, nope. Skinny, nope.”

The 1501 Certified Entertainment artist continued, “And it’s like I don’t feel like I’m discriminating, I just want a certain type of look. She could be the sweetest girl I ever met in my life but if she don’t look the part I don’t want her to come like that’s just not the vibe I’m on.” The 23-year-old added, “Now she could come to the cook out, she could come to a listening party, but the club? I feel like b***hes gotta look a certain way to come.”

After the video leaked online, people weighed in on the matter as some others took offense at Erica’s list. “The fact that Erica Banks has a list of ‘look requirements’ to go to the club w her is comedy in itself…like girl be fr. Talking about your hair gotta look like this, your outfit gotta look like that. You absolutely can’t be skinny… I am screaming,” a Twitter user wrote. Another person said, “Erica banks gives weird & hater. Some b***hes get a bbl and lose their mf mind.”

“Erica Banks got a lot to say for someone who was twerking on high school boys … she ain’t make no comment about that … she literally got her body done & she’s talking about women having ‘a look’. Can we not,” another critic commented.

Defending herself, Erika tweeted, “Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion & I’ve never been one to convince people of liking mine.” She went on to say, “My preference of who club with when it comes to my brand has nothing to do with y’all. Y’all never liked me anyway so why would I care about what y’all think about anything I say?”

The tweet did little to nothing to stop more criticism from coming. Someone said that she’s giving “mean girl energy,” while another person wrote, “But before you became a rapper with money and your body done, who tf were you before? Better humble ya self love.” Firing back, Erica replied, “I was still Erica Banks, dumb b***h. A BBL doesn’t solidify who I am and I can hang out with who I choose.”

She doubled down on her statement in another tweet which read, “Lastly, I love my skinny/smaller women with a passion. Let’s not get it misconstrued. However, when I go to the CLUB, I want thick bitches shaking ass everywhere! That’s my vibe. There are even skinny women in my music videos, most hand-picked by me, so stop it.”

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