Eric Nichols Back with Larissa Lima, Gets DRAGGED by 90 Day Fiance Fans

On this week's episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, we saw Larissa Lima reach out to her ex-boyfriend, Eric Nichols.

Now, we here at THG have known for some time about this reconciliation.

To viewers, however, it was brand new information.

And given how much they've seen about Larissa's desire to be pampered and to continue to live her life in America, fans have some opinions.

Namely, they think that Eric is making a mistake if he takes Larissa back into his life — especially after how ugly their breakup was.

Larissa, however, promises that she can explains. Take a look:

1.Larissa and Erickee

2.In 2019, Larissa began dating Eric

3.For weeks, she teased the budding romance to fans

4.Divorce party?

5.As for Eric

6.They had a lovely time

7.She and Eric had matching personalities

8.Eric was also at her birthday party

9.Awww, a birthday kiss!

10.However, it did not last forever

11.Eric was stunned

12.Which is how this photo happened

13.Meanwhile …

14.Larissa wasn't solely thinking about romance

15.Some time later …

16.She tried dating

17.Then, an update

18.They're back together

19.Larissa went back to Eric this season

20.Viewers were quick to roast Eric

21.Now, Larissa is offering an explanation.

22.Well, good for them

23.Good luck!

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