Emma Watson Reveals Her 'Favorite Moment' From 'Harry Potter'

Though Emma Watson has been in her fair share of movies, she is still best known for her work in the Harry Potter movies. The actor and activist devoted an entire decade of her life to playing Hermione Granger. Naturally, she accumulated a ton of memories whilst working on the eight films. But which ones stick out to Watson as her absolute favorite?

Emma Watson found filming the final two ‘Harry Potter’ movies quite challenging

Watson has been vocal that filming the last two Harry Potter movies was taxing. The Little Women alum recalls being physically and emotionally exhausted while shooting the movies. Though the films were released in two parts, they were filmed simultaneously. Watson recalled feeling miserable while filming certain scenes that required her to be wet and cold for hours on end.

The ‘Little Women’ actor revealed her favorite moment from the ‘Harry Potter’ movies

While the end of the series featured some of Watson’s worst moments, the beginning of the franchise holds some of her best moments. In an interview with JoBlo, the English actor got candid about her favorite memories from the series. According to the Noah alum, her best moments all center around filming Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

“My favorite, my best moment… you know what?” Watson began. “The first movie, even though it was ten years ago and I was really young, I just remember the wide-eyed excitement and awe I just came into Leavesden everyday, just to be so excited about what I was going to see next. Every time I walked onto a new set or someone new did something new, it was all just so overwhelmingly exciting. It just went by like this [snaps fingers] doing that movie. I have some really fond silly memories from that.”

Watson doesn’t like watching old clips of herself

Watson may have the fondest memories of the first Harry Potter movie, but she doesn’t necessarily like to watch it back. While on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Watson was asked what it was like watching herself in the first movie. The actor admitted that it was a pretty bizarre and surreal experience for her.

“It’s really, I mean, I guess it’s just, yeah, very, very, strange,” Watson explained. “And especially, like in [Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix] there’s a flashback to the first film, so I get to see a lot of that. I guess just, I seem to have such chubby cheeks, and such like a high voice, and the big hair, and yeah.”

Continuing on, Watson attempted to give an example of what it was like to watch herself. “I mean, it’s kind of hard to explain like how that feels,” Watson communicated. “But I guess like, I don’t know, if you hear your voice. If you ever hear your voice taped or on an answering machine and it’s like, ‘Ah people can’t listen!’ it’s exactly like that, but like 20 times worse.”

Watson may not like watching the first Harry Potter movie back, but she seems to have nothing but the fondest memories of filming it.

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