Emma Stone Makes Rare Video Appearance to Talk Mental Health While Social Distancing

Emma Stone is participating in a new digital initiative that supports those struggling with the isolation and anxiety from staying at home and social distancing during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

The new campaign, called #WeThriveInside, was launched by The Child Mind Institute and coincides with the start of Mental Health Awareness Month for May. The star-studded initiative, which includes video appearances from the likes of Margot Robbie, Misty Copeland, and Andrew Garfield, is set to serve as a timely and empowering response to the unprecedented challenges facing American children and families during the current global health crisis.

Starting today, the Child Mind Institute will premiere homemade videos from a handful of celebrities sharing personal anecdotes of how they manage to stay mentally healthy while staying at home to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Emma Stone, who is a Child Mind Institute board member, helped kick off the campaign, which debuted across the organization’s social media channels.

In her clip, Stone speaks about the activities helping her stay positive while staying at home. Discovering new books, meditating, dancing, and journaling have all helped keep the Oscar winning actress occupied while social distancing.

“Something I really like to do when I’m struggling with anxiety is a brain dump,” Stone explains. “What I do is just write down anything that I’m worried about. I just write and write and write and I don’t think about it and I don’t read it back. I find it’s really, really helpful for me to get it all out on paper.”

The #WeThriveInside campaign is encouraging the public to get involved by liking and sharing the released video messages that inspire them on social media. It also serves as a reminder that the Child Mind Institute is a useful resource of information and telehealth services for kids and families experiencing fear and loneliness in the current climate. The organization is matching online donations towards COVID-19 relief up to $150,000.

“I hope you’re staying safe, you’re staying strong and healthy and I’m sending you lots of love,” said Stone before signing off from the video and encouraging viewers to get involved.

See more videos on childmind.org.

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