Eddie Murphy Was Supposed to Be in ‘Ghostbusters’!

Eddie Murphy is talking talent and turned-down opportunities.

The 59-year-old Coming to America star opened up in an interview with Parade Magazine.

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Here’s what he had to say…

On his comedy: “I was always funny…I was the guy digging in his nose, trying to get a booger off his finger. That was my killer bit.”

On the movie he wishes he was in: Ghostbusters. I was supposed to be in Ghostbusters. We were doing Trading Places and Dan Aykroyd was like [in a Dan Aykroyd voice], ‘This movie Ghostbusters…’ But then Beverly Hills Cop came along. I wish I could have been in both, but I did Beverly Hills Cop instead of Ghostbusters.”

On his guiding words: “Positivity, creativity, forward motion. Those three things pretty much cover everything. Whenever things get crazy, if you go back to that, you get grounded.”

On his secret talent: “No one’s ever seen me play piano. I started playing piano up at Saturday Night Live. There was a piano up there and Joe Piscopo showed me how to play ‘Let It Be,’ and for three years, that’s all I played. I could play the s–t out of ‘Let It Be’!”

Find out why he passed on this Coming 2 America sequel idea.

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