Dylan Sprouse Is Writing a New Comic Series

Dylan Sprouse is taking on a new creative endeavor!

The 27-year-old actor is writing a new, dark comic about the gods and goddesses of Norse mythology, which will be released through Heavy Metal magazine.

““This is a very deeply personal, familial story to me,” he told SYFY WIRE.

“[The comic] largely takes inspiration from the sagas that my own Scandinavian-American grandparents were reading both my brother and I while we were younger,” Dylan continued.

He also added how this story is set in Norway in the 800s, and it differs from Thor because “the relation to the gods of proto-Germanic myth and mythology are much more true to history.

“This is much more along the lines of Neil Gaiman‘s American Gods,” Dylan said. “I’m writing from a Pagan perspective, [exploring] what these gods and goddesses represent, both in metaphorical ways and also how they might have literally interacted with people.”

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