Donald Trump Is Torched For Mixing Up The Pulitzer Prize For The Nobel Prize After Hyping Corona Cure

Donald Trump is getting mocked on Twitter after he mistook the Nobel Prize for the Pulitzer Prize, and even misspelt the name of the prestigious award.

Donald Trump has come under fire after a series of tweets revealed the POTUS had mixed up the Nobel Prize and the Pulitzer Prize. In the April 26 remarks, he urged reporters who had received “Noble Prizes” for their work on Russia-related stories to return their awards. Not only did he misspell the name of the award, but there is no Nobel Prize for journalism. Commenters assumed that the President had likely meant to reference the Pulitzer Prize, which does in fact reward exceptional journalism. Reporters at The New York Times and Washington Post have won Pulitzer Prizes for investigations into Russia and the 2016 presidential election.

“When will all of the “reporters” who have received Noble Prizes for their work on Russia, Russia, Russia, only to have been proven totally wrong (and, in fact, it was the other side who committed the crimes), be turning back their cherished “Nobles” so that they can be given,” Trump began his Twitter rant. “…to the REAL REPORTERS & JOURNALISTS who got it right. I can give the Committee a very comprehensive list. When will the Noble Committee DEMAND the Prizes back, especially since they were gotten under fraud? The reporters and Lamestream Media knew the truth all along.” He also added that “lawsuits” should be brought against “Fake News Organizations”.

The 73-year-old has also been endlessly slammed over his bizarre suggestion during a press conference that people could inject bleach and disinfectants into their bodies as a way to cure the coronavirus. His baffling remarks came after Homeland Security official Bill Bryan presented research showing that UV rays from sunlight, as well as basic disinfectants like bleach and alcohol, could kill coronavirus on surfaces. However, a host of celebrities, including  O.J. Simpson, 72, torched the President over his comments.

O.J. posted a hilarious TikTok video, and the song “Bad Medicine” by Bon Jovi appropriately played in the background of the funny clip as he lined up a bunch of products like Clorox, Lysol and Raid to (jokingly) test drive. He at one point sprayed the Lysol can into his mouth and tried it out before realizing how gross it was.

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