Doja Cat Shares Her COVID-19 Symptoms on Twitter QnA

The ‘Mooo!’ rapper, who contracted the novel coronavirus after downplaying it on Instagram Live, shares her experience with the disease to fans on her Twitter account.

AceShowbizDoja Cat is among the celebrities who become the victim of Coronavirus. After saying on her social media account that she wasn’t afraid of the novel virus, the “Say So” hitmaker later admitted to testing positive for COVID-19. Now, she has shared to her Twitter followers her symptoms in a Q&A session.

On Wednesday, July 29, Doja, who claimed that she didn’t have COVID-19 anymore, responded to a fan who asked her to share her experience with it. “I couldn’t taste bacon and my legs hurt,” she explained to the fan.

In another post, she insinuated that she didn’t have any respiratory problems. However, she did have a fever for two days. When asked if contracting coronavirus makes her scared of it now, Doja replied, “Never was. Thats why I got it in the first place.”

Someone then slammed Doja, writing, “Girl that’s sad who says s**t like this lmao WHAT – just because you’re not ‘scared of it’ doesn’t mean go out there putting immunocompromised individuals at risk.” To that, the singer/rapper responded, “Never said to go out. Just said I got it cuz I didn’t give a f**k.”

Doja Cat shared her COVID-19 symptoms.

The 24-year-old revealed that she had COVID-19 in an interview with Yinka and Shayna Marie of Capital XTRA. “I got COVID. Honestly, I don’t know how this happens but I guess I ordered something off of Postmates and… I don’t know how I got it but I got it,” she shared. “I’m OK now. It was a four day symptom freak out but I’m fine now.”

The “Mooo!” raptress revealed her COVID-19 diagnosis months after she mocked people who are concerned about the dangers of the novel virus. She said during Instagram Live in March, “B***h, I’m not scared of a coronavirus or the motherf**king beer version of that s**t. I’m gonna get corona and then I’m gonna get a Corona, ’cause I don’t give a f**k about corona, b***h. It’s a flu! I would literally… I’m not scared.”

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