Does Bill Gates Estranged Wife Melinda Want to Remove Him From Their Foundation?

The speculation arises after a report surfaces about a wife of a famous man who is trying to ‘take away the thing that matters most to him’ amid their ongoing divorce.

AceShowbiz -Melinda Gates allegedly wants more than money from her divorce from Bill Gates. Rumor has it that the philanthropist is trying to strip her estranged husband of his position on their joint foundation, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, following their split.

According to Blind Gossip which conceals the names of the former couple, the woman “is angry about the affair and his friendship with [redacted]!” She allegedly feels that “he has hurt and embarrassed himself and everyone around him.”

However, the outlet notes that it’s not about money nor revenge, because “she has always known that he is not strong and mature. He is weak and immature and stupid and impulsive.” Further ripping the husband, it is said that “she believes that he is fundamentally a bad person with the judgement of an adolescent.”

On how she plans to punish her ex, the report claims, “She is going to take away the thing that matters most to him,” which is the foundation. “She wants him removed from the foundation,” it explains, “The foundation is his greatest joy. He considers it the crown jewel of his life’s work and his greatest achievement. It is his greatest source of connection to people and power and influence. If she is successful in removing him, she basically neuters him.”

It seems that the wife isn’t directly involved with the plan to remove him from the foundation, but as the report states, “it is all leading in a very specific direction that she wants it to go.”

The report doesn’t mention the names of the divorcing couple, but all the clues seem to lead to the Gates. “Melinda and Bill Gates,” one person guesses in the comment section. Another votes for “The Gates!” while someone else supports Melinda’s alleged plan as writing, “bill & melinda gates- good for her! he sounds like a pos, sadly like most men w/$.”

Bill and Melinda announced their split on May 3, after 27 years of marriage. On the same day of their divorce announcement, the Microsoft co-founder reportedly transferred $1.8 billion worth of stocks to his estranged wife. Though so, the former spouses have not finalized the terms of their legal separation yet.

Meanwhile, Bill recently confirmed his affair with a Microsoft employee while he was still with Melinda. “There was an affair almost 20 years ago which ended amicably,” said a rep for the 65-year-old, while denying that his decision to resign from the company which he co-founded had anything to do with the affair.

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