Derick Dillard Claps Back at Joy-Anna Duggar: You’ve Been Brainwashed By Jim Bob!

Well, it looks like the ongoing feud between Jill Duggar and her parents has now developed into an all-out war!

The situation escalated earlier this week, when Joy-Anna Duggar seemed to throw major shade at Jill by “liking” a comment in which Jill and husband Derick Dillard were attacked by a random Instagram user.

The remark was posted on the Duggar and Bates Confessions Instagram page, and apparently it met with Joy’s approval:

“I realize Jill Duggar needs to distance herself from her family for mental health reasons, but I don’t understand why they need to make their issues with the family public,” the Instagram user wrote.

“Speaking out against them publicly will burn more bridges between them,” the comment continued.

“They say they want to repair their relationship one day, but their actions don’t reflect that.”

Shockingly, the commenter went on to accuse Jill of making money from the feud with her family, even though there’s no reason to believe she’s made a dime from it.

“If I have an issue with my family, I deal with it privately,” this person wrote.

“And I certainly don’t bank on it by going to media outlets and YouTube to air out the dirty laundry.”

To make matters worse, this person concluded by alleging that Jill has abandoned the ideals of her faith, which is the ultimate low blow for any Duggar.

“It’s not very Christian if you ask me. I get the sense that Jill and Derick need money, and this is an easy route to get that money,” the commenter wrote.

Fans were absolutely floored by Joy’s endorsement of the comment, and many interpreted it as a clear message about where she stands in regard to Jill’s rebellion against Jim Bob.

Jill chose not to her involve herself in the drama, but fortunately, Derick jumped in on her behalf.

“Jim Bob [Duggar] is that you?” one commenter asked, according to In Touch,

“I don’t think ANY of us can judge how Jill is handling her family drama when it’s clear she had a traumatic childhood.”

“She was mentally and emotionally abused her whole life and brainwashed using God. That’s my thoughts … good for Jill. Air that s–t out, girl … you deserve to be heard!” a second person remarked.

“The parents made millions by putting Jill’s life and the other kids‘ lives out for everyone to see … Jill had a right to talk about all the things she went through as a child and even as an adult,” a third chimed in.

“People who’ve been abused and faced trauma should never be silenced. Sometimes you have to burn bridges to protect yourself from abusers,” a fourth person wrote.

Needless to say, the people were very much on Jill’s side — and so was her husband.

Derick “liked” all four of those comments.

In doing so, he let Joy know exactly how he feels without saying a word.

The Dillards seem to have become masters of such ingeniously shady moves in recent months.

Earlier this week, Jill revealed that she’s teaching her kids about sex so that they don’t fall victim to molesters.

Many who read her latest interview with Us Weekly interpreted her remarks as a subtle way of addrsessing the Josh Duggar sex scandals and the fact that her parents helped to hide the abuse she endure in her youth.

“We definitely want our kids also to have the ability to protect themselves,” Jill said.

“In our bathroom, we have a little sign, “My Body Rules.” If there’s a babysitter here in our home, they’re gonna see that too,” she said.

Clearly, Jill is still affected by the trauma that she suffered in her youth, and she probably will be for the rest of her life.

It’s enough to make you wish those commenters had been a bit more harsh toward the person who had the audacity to tell Jill how she should feel about her parents and her childhood.

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