Demi Lovato Warns Against the Danger of Using ‘Unrealistic’ Beauty Filters

Expressing her regret for using filters in the past, the ‘Heart Attack’ songstress muses, ‘how are teens supposed to learn to accept themselves [with] this s**t.”

AceShowbizDemi Lovato is concerned over the social media habit of looking at oneself through beauty filters. Sharing her thoughts on the face-altering trend, the “Heart Attack” songstress warned against the danger of using the “unrealistics” filters.

On Sunday, February 28, the former Disney darling posted an Instagram video that saw her using one of the beauty filters. The clip presented her appearing to have smoother skin, slimmer nose and sporting some contours. Along with it, she noted, “These aren’t my real eyes. My skin is not this smooth. But can I always look like this?”

“Wait do I need a smaller nose?!… Thank God I’m realizing this now and I’m sorry for using them [wiithout] realizing how dangerous they were before,” the 28-year-old further pointed out. “Unrealistic beauty expections w these filters got me like… Thank God these weren’t around when I was 13 but also… How are teens supposed to learn to accept themselves [with] this s**t.”

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Demi followed Halsey‘s footsteps in calling out the “damaging” Instagram filters. “I’m exhausted with this industry of Instagram filters,” she argued earlier in February when speaking to “It’s gotta be damaging to your brain to constantly be looking at yourself through an altered lens and being disappointed with what your face actually looks like.”

“I know what that feels like because when I first started getting publicity of some kind, I would go out and [paparazzi would] take pictures of me. I can’t control the angle. I can’t control the lighting. I can’t control if it’s my good side or my bad side,” the ex-girlfriend of G-Eazy added. “The pictures would come out and I would just have to look at them and go, ‘Okay. That’s what I look like.’ “

“I don’t get to change it. I have to make peace with my face,” Halsey emphasized. She further encouraged her fans to have bravery to be themselves and to choose any makeup look that they want. She stated, “I want young people to feel like they’re brave enough to leave the house with, like, lime green eyeshadow and black lipstick on.”

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